And we are back

The first two weeks back after Christmas holidays have in all honesty been the most stressful we’ve had so far. Dave asked us in viva one if we expect any problems, I of course naively said no. The first few days back weren’t a problem we got the LINUX server working initially without a problem. So with the stack working  we had a few extras we need to install. SSH was just the first we need but the install for some reason wiped var/www after examining the logs and looking at the steps we took to reproduce this error, I believe now what happened was in the process of installing HTML 5 browser from the beta channel for raspbain I also installed a beta version of SSH which was volatile and wiped the system.

This was the first time that the machine was wiped in the last two weeks, the second time was more of a joint mistake and a rather stupid one at that in the process of updating the pie we… Uninstalled the USB drivers which is one can imagine, kind leaves the device useless since the only input method is USB. The cause of this incident like I said was a stupid one, in the process of upgrading the pi it hung and after leaving it for 20 so minutes we decided to unplug it this led to the stated error.

After these issues we began to panic and the next series of issues came from our panic stricken selves whom were now racing against the clock and overlooking simple steps that we hadn’t missed before. Every issue the came after this was predominantly because we overlook something befitting a pretty URLs, missing a config file or forgetting to set up default users. Once we calmed down we got everything set up in working order again. With the exception of cake, went to gain multiple times for help with this unfortunately the first few times the pie was cooperating, but once the pie was in working order Gaynor and Mike very quickly shows where we done wrong with cake.

We now have a fully operating pie with linux, our NGINX stack, SSH, Wi-Fi broadcasting and ethernet bridging. to say the least the past two weeks have been a learning experience below is a list of all the websites and tutorials there were used to help set up the pie and configure the software.

It should be noted that now we have a backup solution the pie using – DD and file versioning system for var/www. Obviously this has been done in case of future screw ups we can easily restore previous place.!topic/cake-php/f5aZP6M0SaA


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